The Bag Factory has a small and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to provide a unique, creative and well run environment from which artists can free to focus on their process.

Programme Manager:  Tiina Liebenberg studied BA Communication at the North-West University and went on to complete her Masters degree in Art History in 2016.  With a passion for the visual arts, philosophy and history, her research was focussed on the “therapeutic” role of art within societies that have been harmed by the abuse of power, with a specific focus on the South African context. Tiina has been involved with various projects, exhibitions and organisations since 2012 and worked as gallery manager, project manager, arts administrator and artist assistant, before joining the Bag Factory. 

Marketing & Project Assistant: Linda Malefo joined the Bag Factory in January 2016 as a Marketing and Project Assistant. He studied at the Ga-Rankua Hotel  School and he is currently furthering his studies in a BBA in Marketing Management  at The IMM Graduate School.

He Firmly believes in the philosophy lead by Dr David Koloane that “Black African Entrepreneurs will need to play a major role in the complexities of the Art market in order to release Black Practitioners from the cap in hand”.