The Bag Factory has developed a number of important partnerships that help us extend our vision of support, development and promotion of the visual arts through international networking and exchange.

The Triangle Network is a network of spaces across the globe that practises a philosophy of process before product. The network consists of physical spaces (the Bag Factory was one of the first physical studios spaces, in the international Triangle Network, to have been setup) as well as workshops and residencies. The Bag Factory played an integral role in the formation of the international network of artist-led workshops and residencies and continues to follow and support its philosophy of inclusion and diversity. The network encourages the exchange of ideas, artists’ mobility, experimentation and fresh thinking and offers the Bag Factory an invaluable link to the international visual arts world.

The South African Foundation for Contemporary Art (SAFFCA) is a newly founded organisation whose aim is to link local artists to the global market. The Foundation works closely with and will benefit all of its stakeholders being the artists, collectors, critics, historians, private and institutional curators and all “Art Aficionados”.