Joe Turpin (RSA)

1 JUN - 31 AUG 2020

Joe Turpin is a South African visual artist. Born in Johannesburg in 1995, his practice focuses on historically charged & informed narratives and semiotics, and the physical expansion of painting as practice. Turpin is drawn to temporal conversations of decolonization, so called ‘positionality’, race and what it means to be ‘African’ ascribing certain histories and qualities on a certain basis, all the while exploring the complexities within it. The visual and physical elements that comprise my work, in forming various narratives with a wider social resonance, are informed by sources of identity, stories, migration and persecution, cultural paradigms and qualities.

Turpin graduated from the University of the Witwatersand in 2018 with a degree (BA Hons) in Fine Art, and has shown two independent solo exhibition projects in Johannesburg, and has taken part in a variety of group exhibitions internationally, and being featured in various online and printed publications.

 Joe Turpin has joined us as part of our self-funded AIR programme.