Bev Butkow

Coming from a place of supreme organisation and structure – as a trained accountant – Bev Butkow examines structures and how to unravel them. Butkow’s organic working process harnesses a feminine sensibility and a search for a women’s way of making meaning. Viewing materials as the site of meaning, her choice of materials is conscious: currently a combination of traditional art materials, nail polish, glitter, plastic and embroidery thread, and the discards of her creative process.

Butkow started making art in her mid-40s and is now a full-time artist. She is working towards a Masters in Fine Art at Wits University. Recognition includes inclusion in 2018 Joburg Art Fair’s list of “Africa’s top 20 new and exciting talent” and winning a Merit Award in the 2015 SA Taxi Foundation Art Award. Since her solo exhibition in 2015, she has exhibited at Cape Town, Joburg and Turbine Art Fairs and the National Arts Festival. Deeply committed to social engagement and education, she co-founded a library in Limpopo and sit on the board of 11 schools. She was born and lives in Johannesburg with her husband and four children.