Mold-making and Casting Techniques Workshop with Levester Williams

Bag Factory Artists’ Studios is excited to present a 3-day Workshop on Mold-Making and casting techniques, facilitated by Levester Williams. The workshop is funded by the National Lotteries Commission.

The objective is to conduct a three-day workshop to impart fundamental knowledge on mold-making and casting. This workshop will emphasize hand skills, safe process, and accuracy. The molding technique will cover one-piece molds, multi piece molds, and flexible molds. Casting techniques will include epoxy and polyurethane resin and polyurethane foam. Materials will include plaster, foam, rubber, burlap, and resin. The content is applicable to both utilitarian and non-utilitarian forms from simple to complex configurations, including, but not limited to, reproducing prototypes, furniture, sculpture and architectural elements.This is a perfect workshop for complete beginners who wish to learn new skills or for immediate artists who wish to reinvigorate their love of the 3 dimensional.

The workshop will include materials and catering.If you are unable to afford the class, 5 bursary positions will be on offer. Please email a letter of motivation to

When: Tuesday 27 June – Wednesday 28 June -Friday 30 June

For application requirements, click here