LIZ KOBUSINGE – Art Connection Africa

2 SEP - 29 OCT 2019

A self-taught artist based in Kampala, Uganda. Her work is situated within the earnest expression of states of mind; mining her experiences with anxiety and depression to inform mixed media work. She explores mental health as illustrated by the interior worlds of women and has used art as a coping mechanism since 2016.

Paints, ink and fabric on paper and canvas are combined to capture mood, emotion and perceived temperament. This evolving practice primarily concerns the tenets of self-hood and autonomy as she centres female figures in these narratives, applying feminist values to a contemplative and imperfect process of creation as a way to understand, or question, the mind in relation to normative social behaviour.

She has collaborated with Salooni, a multidisciplinary art project that posits black hair practices as systems of knowledge through which culture and survivalist strategies are passed through generations. In 2018 she co-created a zine with poet, Gloria Kiconco, in conversation with an interactive performance, 'Return to Sender', exploring rejected conversations and masculinity in the family, church and state. Her work has been exhibited with the Salooni Collective at Southbank Centre, UK, Institut National de Formation Artistique et Culturelle in Burkina Faso and the N’GOLA Biennial of Arts and Culture in São Tomé e Príncipe, with Bookstop Sanaa Art Library & Creative Learning Space (BSS) for DIY Knowledge at Rich Mix, London, with Gloria Kiconco at the German Cultural Institute in Kampala and as part of FitClique Africa’s Feminist Utopia installations in Kampala and Nairobi.

From September 2019 till 30 November she will be on a 3-month residency which is part of Art Connection Africa, a collaboration between KfW Stiftung and Triangle Network to foster visual art exchanges, capacity building and informal learning activities within Sub-Saharan Africa.