Line & Gesture | Group Show

8 – 14 September 2018

“When Degas told Ingres that he intended to be a painter, the master, after saying, C’est grave: c’est très grave,” added “Faites des lignes. Faites beaucoup de lignes (Draw Lines. Draw a lot of lines)”.
– Walter Sickert, The New Age, June 16, 1910.

This group exhibition brings together work by current Bag Factory artists in an exploration of the juxtaposing, complimentary, at times integrated elements of line and gesture as foundational elements of composition and art making. Working in painting, drawing, sculpture, print and new media; the works included focus on line as an identifiable path created by a point moving in space; whether it is two-or three-dimensional, descriptive, implied, or abstract / and gesture, as the study of action, form, and pose / while “gesturalism”, is characterized by energetic, expressive marks or brushstrokes deliberately emphasizing the sweep of the painter’s arm or movement of the hand.

Featured artists include:
Asanda Kupa; Asuka Nirasawa; Bev Butkow; Danny Myburgh; David Koloane; Diana Hyslop; Gail Behrmann; Pat Mautloa; Phumulani Ntuli; Richard “Specs” Ndimande; Thonton Kabeya; Usha Seejarim; as well as a selection of prints produced in collaboration with LL Editions.

Curated by Candice Allison and Tiina Liebenberg