Kutlwano Monyai and Princia Matungulu


Kutlwano Monyai and Princia Matungulu -
Botsalano le Megopolo: En nous, entre nous

6 August - 9 September 2022

The Bag Factory is delighted to announce the opening of 2021/2022 Young Womxn Studio Bursary funded by our alumni and artist Sam Nhlengethwa. Kutlwano Monyai and Princia Matungulu are recipients of this bursary.

In this exhibition, Botsalano le Megopolo: En nous, Entre nous translates to the “relationships and memories: in us, between us”. This is a collaborative presentation of the dual/joined one-year Studio Bursary between Princia Matungulu and Kutlwano Monyai. Both artists share similar thematic where they both investigates their identity as Black women from transcultural African diasporas. The artists reflect on past experiences, practices, and norms which are tied to their matrilineal relationships. In their work, Princia and Kutlwano attempt to reveal the genealogical time from different generations that shows subtle ways in which moulding/bonding between mothers and daughters would take place.

The artworks are made by the crochet and weaving methods using plastics bags and African wax print fabric. Even though they use similar technique, however the appearance of the works are unique and shaped to the desires and personal experiences of the artists.

Though the artists’ work in different mediums, they reference the familial and/or kinship objects.Reimagining how these objects-or the essence of them-would look like? How would they have existed through the matrilineal lineage? What sacred ties would one be reclaiming between oneself, the women around them and those preceding them? What would these intimacies feel like and what would they be saying?

Botsalano le Megopolo: En nous, Entre nous is about relationships that fuels memories and memories that sustains the relationship-and it is the two that influences our identity

Exhibition Opens:
Sat, 6 August 2022, 11am 

Artist Walkabout:
Sat, 27 September 2022, 11am 


The Bag FactoryYoung Womxn Studio Bursary offers support to an emerging/early career woman/womxn artist (under 35) through rent-free studio space for 12 months, an individualised programme of mentoring and professional development opportunities, curatorial and pastoral support, and the opportunity to showcase new work in a solo exhibition at the Bag Factory.

The bursary was developed in direct response to the urgent need for affordable and secure workspace for women/womxn artists in Johannesburg. The Bag Factory Young Womxn StudioBursary aims to cultivate a space where artists can connect in a supportive studio environment that facilitates creative possibilities, risk-taking, experimentation, and exchange funded by Bag Factory alumni and artist Sam Nhlengethwa.