Kenneth Shandu: Azilime Ziyetsheni


Kenneth Shandu: Azilime Ziyetsheni

7 - 28 May 2022

The Bag Factory is pleased to present AZILIME ZIYETSHENI a solo exhibition by Kenneth Shandu

Azilime ziyetsheni is a visual exploration inspired by what Kenneth Shandu observes as the everyday experiences of smallholder farmers, of the community from KwaSokhulu in the North coast of KwaZulu Natal. Azilime ziyetsheni is a Zulu expression that speaks of taking the necessary steps to break through difficult situations. Likened to the difficulty a cow endures to plough through the soil the title of this exhibition questions the way in which one can push or pull themselves out of the circumstances that challenge them the most. As his mother is one of the smallholder farmers and since farming enables her to provide for her family.

Through sculpture, drawings, and prints, Shandu uses the garden hoe as a metaphor for hard labour and critiques the relationship between money and the introduction of new technology in agriculture as an observation of the continual marginalization of small Black farmers. In Shandu’s view, the adaption of new technology for the development of farming is a major challenge as traditional ways of farming become obsolete. Shandu’s places his focus on the socioeconomic realities of farmers who do not have access to new technology in agriculture. He aims to address a series of critical questions about the experiences of the lives of marginalized farmers.

The exhibition aims to address a series of critical questions about the life experiences of marginalized farmers, and how these experiences talk to our democratic situated-ness.  To question how their circumstances challenges our democratic situated-ness. He seeks to provide hope and acknowledge the traditional methods of farming which still benefits smallholder farmers today. Through his practice he asks, if there are any improvement for the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in post-apartheid South Africa? 

This exhibition has been curated by Rohini Amratlal and is supported by the National Arts Council. 

Exhibition Opens:        Saturday 7 May 2022, 11am                                                                            

Walkabout:                  Saturday 21 May 2022, 11am

Exhibition Runs till:     Saturday 28 May 2022

Viewers will also have the opportunity to meet the artist and curator to discuss the exhibition further at a curator-led walkabout on 21 May 2022, 11am at the Bag Factory.