OPEN CALL: AtWork Moleskin Foundation

AtWork is an itinerant educational format, conceived by Moleskine Foundation and Andrew Tshabangu, that unlocks the creative potential of young people through critical thinking, growing their sense of self-awareness and self-confidence, and stimulating their changemaking attitude.

It contributes to building a new generation of creative thinkers and doers. 

AtWork is a 5-day intensive workshop for about 25 participants, conducted by a unique creative mind. The participants debate the chosen topic and produce a final creative output – getting At-Work – by personalizing a notebook, which becomes their answer to the question posed. Yearly themes of AtWork Tours stimulate collective discussion and personal reflection on issues such as identity, diversity, culture, and community. The creative outputs are first exhibited in a local collective exhibition and then in the final international Tour exhibition. The participants can then choose to donate their works to the Moleskine Foundation Collection.

All AtWork participants become part of the AtWork Community, a group of global creative thinkers who believe that creativity can be a tool for social transformation.

AtWork offers a transformative experience and is committed to providing young people (18-27 years old), who would not otherwise have access to a similar educational offer, with unconventional educational tools and experiences that help foster critical thinking, creative doing, and continuous learning.

The Workshop

The AtWork process starts with the participants writing their interpretation of the chosen workshop theme. This is a way to get their thinking process started, which will be the starting point of the workshop group discussion and will later spill out into the conversation with the larger AtWork community.

The workshop lasts 5 days, during which the students, led by the artist/curator will have critical discussions around the theme chosen and will produce their notebooks.

The workshop will follow an Input-Elaboration-Output structure. The main phases will consist in:

  • Critical debate and discussion around the workshop theme
  • Idea elaboration and definition
  • Notebook production and restitution

Workshop participants

The participants can be students and young creative talents of different backgrounds. The more diverse is the group the better.

Application Deadline: Monday, 14 November 2022 by 17pm. SAST