Anna Ehrenstein's Writing Workshop


Writing Workshop

We are pleased to have hosted Anna Ehrenstein's writing workshop. Amidst the cold weather our participants came in their numbers to unpack ideas around artistic research which includes placing focus on writing concepts. Anna poses interesting questions such as when does research become artistic? In what time or phase can research become artistic?

Anna opened up conversation for the kind of art environment the participants envisioned belonging to from the range of biennale, academia to the broader gallery space. How does one work towards becoming a part of such spaces.

Anna Ehrenstein is on residency with the TURN2 - Artistic Co-Creation between Germany and African Countries. A joint project of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation) @kulturstiftungdesbundes the ZK/U Berlin and the Triangle Network, and are carried out in collaboration with the Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute (NCAI) @ncai254 the Guest Artists Space (G.A.S.) Foundation @gasfoundation in Lagos and the Bag Factory in Johannesburg