Welcome to the Bag Factory

Visitors come to the Bag Factory for a number of reasons:

– Attending exhibitions to see new and experimental work from local and international artists

– Attend artist studio tours or artist in conversations to meet artists and learn more about their process

– Children come to learn from full, time practising artists

– International buyers and collectors come to meet some of the best South African artists, housed under one roof.

– Local and international curators come to develop partnerships and tour the studios.

– Buyers interested in starting a collection  or wanting to gain better insight into the visual arts market come to meet the artists behind the work


Whilst our primary function is to provide the artist with a functioning space for them to create from and a community of peers to keep them inspired, stimulated and pushing their own boundaries, the Bag Factory encourages the public to interact with artists. The Bag Factory has a number of programmes that it offers to the public. To keep an eye on our programming, sign up to our mailing list below or alternatively visit our Facebook and twitter pages. A calendar of our events can be located below.