Tshepo Mosopa

Tshepo Mosopa

Artist's Statement

Tshepo Mosopa’s work uses the human form and its placement in space, as it is influenced by politics, economy and culture. How does the environment reshapes ones identity in an ever changing world. The content of his work is a sociological study. He records and communicates the plight of individuals in a society, through a process of interaction, observation and investigating their challenges and conditions and the psychological impact created by different geographic mappings.


His work acts as a catalyst for a dialogue between the artist, the subject and the viewer. The viewer is invited to engage with the work as an installation, an extension of the work. The work captures both figurative and non-figurative scenes on a specially prepared un-stretched canvas  and usually presented in a large scale format. While the large scale work draws in the viewer his small format  work acts as a window into a new reality. This both invades and confronts the viewer with a new different reality, a new community with its own political, economic and cultural influences that shapes the subject’s identity.


Portfolio & Recent Works

"Transit 2015_16"
"Transit 2015_15"