Wezile Harmans

BiographyWezile Harmans (b. 1990, Port Elizabeth) is a visual art practitioner whose interdisciplinarypractice encompasses performance, video, installation, and mixed-media artworks as a tool for social change. His work confronts prejudices and advocates against social inequality, creating a platform for critical self- reflexivity within unwelcoming spaces.Wezile’s work is influenced by how things have come to existence, … Read more Wezile Harmans

Phumulani Ntuli

Phumulani Ntuli holds a Masters in the Fine Arts- Arts Public Sphere from (ECAV) Ecole Cantonale D’Art du Valais in Sierre-Switzerland and was awarded Prix-excellence for his ongoing research project “Permutations of an event” centered around notions of archives and surveillance. Ntuli’s opus merges the ambit of artistic research, sculpture, video installations and performative practices. … Read more Phumulani Ntuli