Richard “Specs” Ndimande: Solo Exhibition

Opening: Saturday 10th 11:00am – 14:00

Ends: 14 March 2018

A solo exhibition by Richard “Specs” Ndimande, this year’s Cassirer Welz Award winner. The awards are co-hosted by Strauss and Co as well as Everard Read Gallery.

Richard “Specs” Ndimande is a 23-year-old from born Johannesburg. He holds a Visual Arts qualification from the University of Johannesburg. He’s a strong advocate for justice and believes an artist’s job is to among others awaken the mind of men.
“When I work I always work with passion”.
Ndimande’s work explores themes including oppression, servitude, exploitation and a fascination with what he calls the “human-animal hybrid”.
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For additional info :
(011) 834 9181