The Bag Factory in collaboration with Village Unhu (Harare) is excited to present its first group show of Zimbabwean artists, featuring Epheas Maposa, Kenmore Maruta, Evans Tinashe Mutenga and Nyashadzashe Marovatsanga.

PARABLES & CLOSETS has been postponed till June 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis. Please note that this date may still change at short notice as we continue to monitor international and national reports closely. We remain committed to this very exciting exhibition and sharing the work of these artists.

“I feel we come from a nation of diverse culture and character. In a situation like ours, communication has slowly evolved into a means of suppression. A few trust a few and the majority earn their livelihood from a profitable desire of lies and a decree in corruption. It’s not the beautiful part of the many, but I feel to express that. So the lessons we learn as individuals even in the simplest manners of listening to the conversations and life stories our fellow citizens pour out at bus stops, commuter kombis and at home, those particular life lessons and stories you don’t forget them. You carry them throughout in your mind and your thoughts and eventually embracing them as your own. Those are the parables to our lives as we share them in a circular motion from one being to the next... hence the flaws we now hide in our soul or subconscious closets make way into these complicated corners so no one would ever find or realize them.” - Epheas Maposa, 2020

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Founded in 2012 by Georgina Maxim, Misheck Masamvu and Gareth Nyandoro, Village Unhu in Harare, Zimbabwe, is an art space that nurtures artistic local talent by providing studio space, exhibitions, workshops and residency programs for artists – young and professional.

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The Bag Factory's exhibition programme aims at offering exciting and innovative emerging / early career artists their institutional exhibition in Johannesburg. We are delighted to present works by these four talented Zimbabwean artists to the wider Johannesburg art scene and public.

Image details: Nyashadzashe Marovatsanga, Masturbation Victims Ward, oil on paper, 2020 (detail)