"Celebrating 5 years of the Reinhold Cassirer Award"

February 2016 – City Press

'2015 Reinhold Cassirer Award Shortlist"

October 2015 – Creative Feel

"The Bag Factory: nurturing South African art since 1991"

July 2014 – Media Club South Africa

Ashraf Garda - SAFM Afternoon

April 2013 – SAFM Afternoon

Ashraf Garda interviewed Bag Factory Director Sara Hallatt about her work with the Bag Factory and the continued support of South Africa’s premier art and culture magazine, Classicfeel.

Bag Factory hosts first International Curatorial Intensive in South Africa

June 2013 – Contemporary And

The Bag Factory partners with Independent Curators International and the Triangle Network to bring the first  International Curators Intensive to the continent.

Nadine Gordimer as Patron for the Bag Factory

July 2012 – Classic Feel

Nadine Gordimer supports the Bag Factory’s fundraising efforts

Year One: A war with the pigeons

August 2012 – Classic Feel

Classic Feel looks at the first tenants of the iconic Bag Factory

BF 21: Coming of Age and Celebrating our 21st

September 2012 – Classic Feel

20 Fine Years

September 2011 – Classic Feel

Our artists in the media

Benon Lutaaya: the self-made artist breaking traditions

November 2015

Tshepo Mosopa wins the SA Taxi Awards

November 2015

Bev Butkow on being nominated for the SA Taxi Awards

November 2015


October 2014 – Eyewitness News

The artist, Ayanda Mabula, has explained the controversial painting of Zuma, which has sparked nationwide reaction.

Sam Nhlengethwa at home

04 July 2014 – Mail & Guardian

Container as a metaphor for our baggage

September 2014 – Mail & Guardian

‘container contained’ is the debut solo show of Bag Factory resident artist Danny Myburg

Container as a metaphor for our baggage

September 2012 – Mail & Guardian

Uganda finds weight in paper – Benon Lutaaya

"En Masse"

Anthea Moys and Bronwyn Lace at Bag Factory Artists Studios

September 2010 – ArtThrob

"Border Farm"
Maroi Farm Art and Drama Group, Raymond Marlowe and Thenjiwe Nkosi at Bag Factory Artists Studios

April 2010 – Art Throb

"Adding Subtractions"
Unknown Artist at Bag Factory Artists Studios

June 2009 – ArtThrob