Joe Leshoka Legate

Born in Polokwane, graduated at Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico in USA. After his graduation he continued to work at The Artist’s Press.

Legate Lithography Editions (LL Editions) established in 2014, is modelled around the passionate interests of artist and Master collaborative printer, Joe Legate who trained at the Tamarind Institute at the University of New Mexico in USA.

LL Editions is a collaborative lithographic studio that focuses on producing and publishing fine art original lithographs. We work collaboratively with artists, both young and established, to help them achieve their craftsmanship. We handle the technical considerations, process the stones and plates, and edition the limited original hand printed lithographs.

In our workshop, artists are able to focus their creative energies and the intuitive aspects of the project, with the thorough supervision of our workshop master printers.

Our main aim is to work with artists who have little or no printmaking experience and who do not usually work in a collaborative space with printers. This allows artists to be challenged, enjoy learning new art techniques and become more creative and to push the boundaries of their image making. We use high quality acid free papers and light fast inks.

Editions are carefully curated and documented. Upon completion of projects the stones or plates are effaced, thereby preserving the integrity of the edition and ensuring that no further impression from the same plate can ever be printed. Documentation sheets always accompany all editions.

LL Editions is a new platform that caters for artists from dissimilar backgrounds and furnishes them with a broad base; a vital outflow in artistic and intellectual thought and exchange of skills and ideas, in appreciating their own creativity and potential.

LL EDITIONS is a sole run entity that operates within the Bag Factory Artists’ studios