DELICATE/TENDENCY/RESPONSE, a solo exhibition by DuduBloom More, the winner of the prestigious 2019 Cassirer Welz Award, presented by the Bag Factory in partnership with Strauss Education and Kalashnikovv Gallery.
In this newly created body of work, Bloom uses mixed materials of thread, paper, wool, perspex, inks and more, to explore the delicacy of trauma and the tendencies of personal traumatic memories. The colours blue and orange are used as a lethargic response to these memories and traumas. “Whether you have or have not healed from them or received help for them, traumas need to be delicately handled”, says the artist. “Through a word, action, smell, taste, touch and/or sight, a memory can be reignited and bring back a traumatic experience”.
For Bloom trauma comes with tendencies. “The tendency of how it [trauma] is triggered may change but usually stays the same. In addition, the factors ‘What, Why, Where, When and Who’ may act as catalysts that remind one of the lived experience of the event. The environment you’re placed in, the time frame, your mental state and those who surround you may activate a traumatic memory”, she says.
From trauma, also comes response or how people deal with and work through their trauma. In an exploration of human response to trauma, Bloom poses questions such as whether people are aware of their traumas or not, if people heal from trauma, possible ways of healing and ways to manage trauma and triggers.


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