Danny Myburgh

Artist's Biography

Danny is a qualified art therapist and has worked with clients for 13 years. She is curious about how our childhood memories affect us during the course of the rest of our lives and explores this issue in her charcoal drawings. She uses the shipping container as a metaphor for our emotional baggage. During the course of her art making process she takes note of her emotional reaction to her artworks, and how matters look when they are embodied.


She is particularly interested in migrants and refugees as her family were French Hugenots who fled France as a result of the persecution of the Protestants. She attempts to understand the universal issues relating to refugees. It is of significance that refugees generally leave their homeland with very few material belongings, however, they take on a new load of emotional baggage. The transient and changeable nature of memories is important too.


Recently she has become interested in epigenetics. In other words, how do inherited memories affect us, and how do we become aware of memories that we have not experienced ourselves. She is presently a resident artist at The Bag Factory in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. She has had one solo show and takes part in group shows regularly.

Portfolio & Recent Works

"Lampedusa 2"
"Lampedusa 2"
"Unpacking some memories"
"Unpacking some memories"
"Don't put me in a box"

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