Danny Myburgh

Artist's Biography Danny is a qualified art therapist and has worked with clients for 13 years. She is curious about how our childhood memories affect us during the course of the rest of our lives and explores this issue in her charcoal drawings. She uses the shipping container as a metaphor for our emotional baggage. ... Read moreDanny Myburgh

Thonton Kabeya

Visit Thonton's site Artist's biography Thonton Kabeya was born in 1983, in the D.R.C. He presently lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was finalist from the Institute of Fine Arts of Lubumbashi, Painter, Sculptor, he also does installation, art performance and design. In 2006 he won two awards: the UNAIDS AWARD and the BELGIUM COUNCIL AWARD. He is ... Read moreThonton Kabeya

Benon Lutaaya

BENON LUTAAYA Visit Benon's site Artist's Statement While concepts of social adversity, identity, and other vagaries of life are explored, the notion of yearning translates resoundingly into hope, so true of his current outlook on life.Drawing on his autobiographical life experiences as inspiration, his work reflects our day to day experiences and culture as he pursues and deepens his fascination ... Read moreBenon Lutaaya

Tshepo Mosopa

TSHEPO MOSOPA Artist's Statement Tshepo Mosopa’s work uses the human form and its placement in space, as it is influenced by politics, economy and culture. How does the environment reshapes ones identity in an ever changing world. The content of his work is a sociological study. He records and communicates the plight of individuals in a society, through a ... Read moreTshepo Mosopa

Bev Butkow

Visit Bev`s site About the Artist Coming from a place of supreme organisation and structure – as a trained accountant – Bev Butkow examines structures and how to unravel them. Butkow’s organic working process harnesses a feminine sensibility and a search for a women’s way of making meaning. Viewing materials as the site of meaning, ... Read moreBev Butkow

Ayanda Mabulu

AYANDA MABULU Contact Ayanda Mabulu About the Artist Ayanda Mabulu was born in King William’s Town in 1981. He is a self-taught artist whose work focuses primarily on the current political climate in South Africa. Solo exhibitions have taken place in China at the Chenshia Museum (2011) and ‘Un-mute my tongue’ at World Art in ... Read moreAyanda Mabulu

David Koloane

Visit Goodman Gallery's site Artists' Biography South African painter David Nthubu Koloane was born in Alexandria, Johannesburg in 1938.  He received his art training from 1974 to 1977 at the Bill Ainslie Studios, which later became the Johannesburg Art Foundation. Since the late 1970s, Koloane has been a pioneer in the development of the black art ... Read moreDavid Koloane

Kagiso Patrick Mautloa

Contact Patrick Mautloa Artist's Biography Kagiso Patrick Mautloa studied art at Rorke's Drift Art Centre, KwaZulu Natal and at the Mofolo Art Centre in Soweto. He has participated in Thupelo and Triangle workshops, held numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has work in a number of important public collections across South Africa.   His work studies ... Read moreKagiso Patrick Mautloa

Diana Hyslop

Visit Diana's site Artist's Statement "I am interested in the quirkiness of the human condition, and reflect that in my work by juxtaposing images that don’t always relate to each other, in order to create a different meaning. My work is emotionally and intuitively inspired. One of the most common themes I use revolves around issues ... Read moreDiana Hyslop


The Bag Factory's visiting artist program, which began in 1996, has already welcomed more than 200 artists, researchers, and curators, from around the world, to Johannesburg. Up to eight residencies are programmed each year, inviting mid-career international artists to work alongside a community of fifteen Johannesburg-based peers for one to three months. Residencies are self-directed and ... Read moreResidencies