Candice Kramer

Born 1974 in Johannesburg, Candice Kramer holds a BA in Fine Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand. Candice’s first solo shows in Johannesburg were held at Obert Contemporary and NIROX projects respectively. Her work has been acquired by both private and corporate collections including Spier, Nandos, RMB and First Rand and South African workers museum. Kramer was selected to be on the emerging painters show at T.A.F 2017 curated by Jessica Webster and was the winner of the Multi & New Media Category Award of the Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards 2018 as well as a recipient of Lizamore and Associates Mentorship award for 2019. In 2020 she held her third solo exhibition with Kalashnilovv gallery.

Candice Kramer’s body of work references people, historic family photos and antiquated maps within the Johannesburg inner city setting. She is intrigued by the transience of being while the buildings and cityscape last forever. It is the transience of being that belies the seeming eternity of the physical structures and the history they represent. 

Interrogating industrial materials and alchemical processes the artist works on metal surfaces to create natural textures like rust and corrosion, manipulating its shape into different forms, Kramer looks to bring life and dynamism to the materials that have constructed her hometown, using these mediums to question her place, space and belonging.

Kramer’s practice invokes a sense of nostalgia that highlights the passage of time. Often portraying images of street walkers to represent progress, forward movement and the frenetic pace at which we live our lives. Her work is bold and eye-catching. She is a resident artist at Bag Factory Artists’ Studios.