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♛♛♛ PARTY IS PERFORMANCE, PERFORMANCE IS PARTY ♛♛♛ ______________________________________


To celebrate is to publicly acknowledge a significant day or event with a social gathering or enjoyable activity – when celebrating one is expected to express joy and present a light demeanour. Sometimes people will dress up in specially chosen attire or according to a theme. At a celebration one can expect food, drink and music. Another way to describe a celebration is to call it a Party(!). What to expect at an adult party: Invariable: Music More than one person (arguable) (alcoholic) Beverages Joy/Happiness/Laughter Conversation (light to robust) (initial) Awkwardness   Variable: Dancing Food Arguments Posturing Bravado Revelations Romance and/or Lust
Elephant in the Room is Hiroko Tsuchimoto’s investigation of the performances, dialogues and sequences that make up a party. Her interest in the absurd and awkwardness has produced insightful, ironic work with a sociological outlook. In any room there is a combination of personalities and/or types of people, it’s possible that at a party certain personality traits are suppressed or amplified. There are those who are there to entertain and those there to be entertained, those who are there to see and those there be seen. It’s a supposedly symbiotic atmosphere where everyone in attendance is to gain fulfilment within their respective limits and social abilities. In a jovial setting what then could be the “elephant in the room”? Perhaps among a combination of strangers, acquaintances and close friends socialising within a white gallery space, everyone will bring their own elephant. // Hiroko Tsuchimoto (b.1984, Sapporo, Japan) is a visual/performance artist, living in Sweden since 2008. She began her career at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and went on to study at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design and Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Her works are generally manifested as stage performances and social experiments in public spaces. In her performance pieces, she often provides communal experiences to audience members through physical assignments, dialogues, and collective movement. Since 2008, Tsuchimoto has presented her works internationally both inside and outside art spaces. She is a working grant recipient from Swedish Arts Grants Committee for the year 2013 and the years 2016-2018, as well as a grant holder at IASPIS residency at Bag Factory in Johannesburg in 2018. SUPPORTED BY IASPIS/SWEDISH ARTS GRANTS COMMITTEE
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Opens: 29 March 2018


Visiting artists Libita Clayton and Celina Portella present a joint exhibition, culminating the end of their respective residencies at Bag Factory Artists' Studios. // Celina Portella is a Brazilian artist with a dance background. She keeps a direct connection with the choreographic universe, from where her interest in the body and the issues of its representation arises. Performance art is described as an artistic action performed live and of provisory nature, whose duration can only be extended and perpetuated through records of photographs, films and videos. Many of these records have been incorporated into the art circuit as works of art, although they hadn't had, a priori, another function other than documentary. Celina Portella, on the contrary, proposes the simple interaction between body expression and media, making photography and video structural parts of the work itself. During her trajectory, the artist has been seeking the perfect synchrony between real and virtual actions, making the body dialogue intrinsically with various media, which may transit from dance to video and cinema, or even allude to a particular genre, such as sculpture. In this way, she intertwines languages which were previously dissociated, in communion between the statements and their instruments. The central focus of the work, therefore, converges towards the limit between virtual reality and corporal actions, in an attempt to scramble their frontiers and confuse the real with the universe of fiction. With the artifice of trompe-l'oeil and the radical integration of media, Celina Portella locates the work in the ambiguous terrain between the material and the immaterial, between the world's objectivity and illusion. During her residency at Bag Factory Artists' Studios, Portella has been researching the understandings of Identity and Access through a workshop experimenting in video and photographic concepts and exploration around the city. In What Knot Not, Portella presents her constantly developing and changing findings through photography, video and installation. // [WE.ARE.LIVING.ARCHIVES: how do we transmit and communicate real time to our future ancestors?] Mothers Tongue follows on from previous projects Libita Clayton has produced with radio, performance and broadcasting in the U.K. Mothers Tongue is a constitutively collaborative project built through language, sound, communication, memory and interdimensional traversal. In What Knot Not, Clayton works with Mothers Tongue, an interchanging assembly of participants from a recently held sound workshop, she will be producing a performance in collaboration with artist and composer João Renato Orecchia Zúñiga. Libita Clayton graduated from the University of the Arts London, with a BA ( Hons ) in Print & Digital Media in 2006-2009. Clayton is a Namibian British artist, based in the U.K. She works with groups and gatherings, between activism, subculture, dance culture and theatre. Unpacking sites of trauma and resistance, to heal and provoke questions of erasure and collective memory - to reconfigure dominant narratives and power structures. She has co-produced, performed and workshopped with the Victoria & Albert Museum, Arnolfini, Spike Island, NTS radio, NYNN, Book Works, Sonic Soundings, and South London Gallery - UK, 2016-18. Collective partners have included; Bristol Experimental Expanded Film, Speakeasy Southwest Forum, Gal-Dem, Howling Owl Record Label, Universal Magnetic, Something Human, 2017. Clayton recently exhibited in the Diaspora Pavilion, during the 57th Venice Biennale, Italy, she is also the recipient of the Freelands Foundation Award ( in association with Gasworks ), 2018-2019.

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Solo Exhibition by Richard “Specs” Ndimande

Solo Exhibition by Cassirer Welz Award Winner

Opening: Saturday 10th 11:00am - 14:00

Ends: 14 March 2018

A solo exhibition by Richard "Specs” Ndimande, this year's Cassirer Welz Award winner. The awards are co-hosted by Strauss and Co as well as Everard Read Gallery.

Richard “Specs” Ndimande is a 23-year-old from born Johannesburg. He holds a Visual Arts qualification from the University of Johannesburg. He's a strong advocate for justice and believes an artist's job is to among others awaken the mind of men.
"When I work I always work with passion”.
Ndimande's work explores themes including oppression, servitude, exploitation and a fascination with what he calls the "human-animal hybrid”.
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  For additional info : (011) 834 9181
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Erf an Exhibition by Bronwyn Katz

Erf an Exhibition by Bronwyn Katz 

Opens: 23 February 2018

Bronwyn Katz- Erf

Join us for the opening of Erf. Working primarily with discarded bedsprings sourced from forgotten and neglected spaces in Johannesburg's CBD, Katz has produced a body of work titled Erf. The exhibition is a continuation of Katz’s process-based work, through which she explores the potential of her material to serve as markers and representations of space and memory. The exhibition ends on the 2nd of March 2018.
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  For additional info : (011) 834 9181
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Artist Career Bootcamp – 2018


Are you a visual artist looking to jumpstart your professional career? What you need is boot camp. The Artists’ Career Boot Camp is an exciting new opportunity for artists looking to fully immerse themselves in what it takes to manage their careers effectively.

A first in South Africa, it is designed to empower new artists with the critical skills to get serious about a career in the visual arts. It will train you to engage directly and confidently with market platforms to promote sustainability in your careers and professionalism in your practice.

The programme is designed as a launch pad to enable artists who are ready to enter the market at a professional level, the opportunity to develop the knowledge they will require, as well as prepare a professional portfolio of work.

It is hosted by Art Source South Africa in association with the Bag Factory and with the support of the National Arts Council.

In an intensive three-month programme artists will receive professional practice training on topics such as marketing, pricing, engaging galleries and other critical areas from experienced trainers, a direction from industry specialists. Each participant will receive one on one coaching and mentoring around a defined career goal, as well as critical and practical engagement with their body of work. The Boot Camp will have four intensive contact weeks over three months, setting step by step goals for participants to work towards in the time between contact weeks.

This opportunity is for visual artists who have been developing their practice and their own artistic voice for at least 3-5 years and who are committed and ready to take the next step in their careers.


For application requirements, click here

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Invitation to apply

Fulcrum Suzanne Shaw Creative Award 2018

The Fulcrum Group, in collaboration with The Bag Factory Artists' Studios and Business and Arts South Africa, BASA, are excited to announce that the call for entries for the annual, Fulcrum Suzanne Shaw Creative Awards are now open.

The award has been created to celebrate the life of Suzanne Shaw, who at the same time as being a valued team member of the Fulcrum Group, had an unwavering devotion to the visuals arts, with a special interest in the field of curatorship.

It is our vision that this award contributes to the growth of South African arts and artists, and while doing so serves to honour the life and passions of Suzanne Shaw.

For application requirements, click hereabc
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Interactive Performance Workshop – Aardklop

Anti Thesis Antithesis is an experimental project that investigates the subject of "institutional critique`, further exploring neo consumerist culture and the invisible laws of unwanted publicity - taking Photographs without someones' permission This 'situational happening' was meticulously designed to attract the audience's attention, persuading them to take photos of the performance while a dance troupe engaged the audience through improvised movements and the use of installation mirrors.The photographers were instructed to take photos of the audience who were taking photos of the performance. The aim here is for the artists to avoid having their photos taken without permission, by taking photos of the photographers while using the mirrors of the dancers to their advantage. Alumni-saal building, we will be running

blind drawing workshops with visiting artist A'shua Imran

Date : 2 - 8 October 2017

Time : 10:00am - 17:00pm

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Open Studio with Onyis Martin

Born in Kisumu, Kenya in 1987, Onyis Martin is a mixed media artist living and working in Nairobi whose practice is rapidly gaining national and international recognition.

Deeply connected to contemporary urban society, Onyis' paintings, sculptures and works on paper explore, portray and reflect on current issues affecting not only the African continent but the world as a whole. Delving into global concerns such as human trafficking, migration, political and institutional corruption, repressive environments and displacement, Onyis’ works also explore issues of freedom, communication, rapidly evolving technological information and consumerism.

Onyis’ approach to and investigation of the themes central to his practice is a complex and articulated process, often using his private experience as a departure point. Interweaving individual with collective experiences of human displacement and migration, through his work he questions our understanding and engagement with human movement and its consequences, reflecting on the often intimate, personal reasons why people migrate.

Recently  exhibited  in Capetown, New York,Ethiopia and Nairobi

Following his three month funded residency at the Bag factory he will be having an open studio.

Date : 25 August 2017

Time : 16h00 - 18h00