AtWork Soweto Workshop

AtWork Soweto 

This workshop was conceived as an open format, AtWork can be adapted, implemented, and reproduced autonomously by cultural organizations and institutions all over the world: associations, artist collectives, schools, academies, and festivals.

The format guidelines are provided by the Moleskine Foundation and shared openly so that each organization can tailor the format to their specific local context in line with their objectives and missions. The workshop’s theme, leader, and target are decided autonomously by the adopting organization.

Moleskine Foundation provides its expertise, network, communication channels, and tools to support the initiative. All the participants are encouraged to donate the notebooks produced during the workshop to become part of the Moleskine Foundation’s artist notebook collection and to join the AtWork international community.

We have partnered with photographer Andrew Tshabangu, who is the facilitator for the current AtWork Soweto workshop. 

The workshop took place over a week at the June 16 Memorial Acre in Soweto which resulted in the participants showing artworks over an exhibition, which will run until the 17 December 2022.